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  • Ay GG

The Need for Contrast

In a time where so many of us have been challenged to identify who we consider our close friends,

and have been asked to redefine our families,

the importance of gratitude is highlighted once again.

Through the lens of gratitude, we are able to recognize relationships and commitments that we truly value the most.

Our innate dedication to growth allows us the opportunity to embrace the contrast of the last year and further explore our personal values, ethics and philosophies.

Contrast in life creates a necessary catalyst for change.

Allowing the unexpected to simply occur without judgment creates a transformative energy in the mental, spiritual, and even physical planes. Embracing contrast is one of the most efficient tools for manifesting a desirable reality; by simply identifying dissatisfying elements in the environment, one can then work toward improvement. Yoga practice gives us the space to pursue

personal development and enlightenment with relentless vigor. The practice delivers the energy of the universe and invites us to connect through movement, sound, touch, scent and sight.

Very often, we are cognizant of our intentions early in the morning before the distractions have settled in, and we can lose some of our motivation as we live through our day.

Challenge yourself to become more aware of your energy at the end of the day. Practice releasing the tension you carry from the contrast of each day, as you visualize yourself making room in your mind for your dreams to enter peacefully.


Tonight, I simply offer you a way to lay the worries of the day to rest. Namaste.



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