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  • Mala bracelets have been worn by yogis for years to help them remain focused, by being a tactile reminder of your intentions. Mala is a Sanskrit term for meditation garland and can be worn during meditation or simply kept on through the day to incite awareness.


    The lotus flower in yoga symbolizes awareness and spiritual awakening. The beautiful floating lotus charm and two featured ornament beads together represent the three components of life: past, present, and future; and remind us to focus our time on what matters the most-this moment right now. Each featured bead will glow in the dark after being charged under direct light. 


    Use this mala bracelet in your mindfulness or meditation practice as a physical symbol of your radiant awareness.

    Lotus Mala Bracelet

    • The roots of a lotus are grounded in the mud (earth/materialism). The stem grows up through the water (growth/life experience) and blooms above the water, in the sunlight (awakening/enlightenment).

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