Walking Meditation

Reframe your idea of meditation.

Mindful walking simply means to walk with deep awareness of our breath and body during each step. This mindfulness practice is a simple way to enjoy the beauty of nature while many of us are feeling stuck and in need of rejuvenation; walking meditations can provide a safe outlet for us to continue enjoying the gifts of life. 

Everybody has a story, and most of us keep the best parts to ourselves. This space was created for me to share more of who I am and how I practice, with you. Walking meditations have been an integral part of my day, especially over the last year at-home. I enjoy the solitude and the freedom to explore and move at my own pace. I am so fortunate to live in a city that offers endless parks and outdoor spaces to visit, even now. 
If you’re like me, the views of nature can be more soothing than even the greatest artworks; please enjoy my collection of snapshots from my Walking Meditations captured recently this year.