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  • Ay GG

Now I Do What I Want

I used to live to please others and got my validation from making them feel good, but it always left me vibrationally low and emotionally empty.

During this time, I always felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness because I was disconnected from my true inner being and constantly looking for happiness outside of myself. I was expecting these exact same people to boost me with their "love" and became so needy and demanding of their attention...BIG MISTAKE!

Yoga taught me self-love and acceptance in a way that truly empowered me to be able to give love from a place of abundance without expectations of return. My practice was inconsistent at first, but instead of beating myself up about it, I chose to practice unconditional compassion. I knew that I craved great love and deeper connection from my friends and family, so on the other end of that thought, I also knew I had to build that capacity within myself first.

In relationships, we have to be able to give what we wish to receive.

I always tell you guys that YOGA SAVED MY LIFE...but it saved my relationships too.

The connections we build with people creates the fabric of our lives.

If you're reading this RIGHT NOW just know that I am forever and always #GR8FL4 yoooooooou!

Love, Ay


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