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January Intentions

“The grandest but most difficult goal to achieve in life is to still the mind. All magnificence and power comes from that.” - Sri Avanash

This month's intention focuses on reducing patterns rather than replacing them. What big goals have you given yourself for 2024? How are you planning to track your progress each month? We don't have to have all the answers to start, we just need to start. Slow down your changes this month to deepen your intentions and make them more sustainable.

Ins /&/ OUTS


  • Financial planning

  • Meditation at night

  • Love letters

  • Breathwork

  • Slow mornings

  • Dates with family

  • Less screen time

  • Networking intentionally


  • Wash and go hair

  • Impulsive plans

  • Skipping rest days

  • Processed cheese

  • Lifting the bare minimum

  • Ignoring my laundry

  • Avoiding emails

  • Doubting my skills

Looking for ways to stay on top of your goals? Join the GR8FL4 Accountability Partners group chat for inspiration, peer support and networking opportunities.


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