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  • Ay GG

Change Your Life

Death is an inevitable consequence of life.

Death is not a "negative"...

and this year has shown us that Life is not always "positive"...

LIfe is the experience you create daily; a result of your choices.

You CHOOSE to have a "good" or "bad" day based on your interpretation of your experience.

You also have the freedom to choose peace, unconditionally.

Every single day you exercise your right to be Alive.

Your life is your choice. Your life is a product of your choices.

Regardless of experience or past history, you have the CHOICE to be free of mental bondage.

Fearing death, ignoring loss, avoiding failure and inevitable disappointment is a choice you make.

Yoga helps me see both sides of the coin, without fear of judgment.

I actively choose to LIVE in peace each day by acknowledging the reality of death.

When tragedy reminds me how finite life truly is, I am able to see both sides of the coin in a single glance.

The acknowledgment of DEATH allows me to embrace LIFE.


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