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  • Ay GG

New Moon Energy

The moon controls the tides and waves of the oceans and influences many living things, including us as humans are made of roughly 60% water. Understanding the impact of the moon's energy can help you put your experiences into perspective. Some people may feel no change with the moon's phases, however, this may also be due to a disconnect with our own intuition.

The new moon marks the start of a 27-day cycle, starting with complete darkness and quickly gaining brilliance as it moves into its full moon state and then back to the new moon once again. During this week when the moon's energy is most magnetic, we may feel the need to pull back from our friends and society to rest or reflect. While this is perfectly natural behaviour, take this time to observe your emotions over the past month and try to identify which moments brought you the most joy.

Do whatever feels good. Draw inward and connect with your primal self: what do you like? What brings you pleasure? Can you recreate those moments at will? This is your opportunity to reset and allow your mind to wander in the darkness; you may stumble upon thoughts that have not yet surfaced.

We can feel low on energy or motivation on these days and practicing this simple mindfulness exercise can help you look forward to the next step.

Try this simple New Moon Meditation tonight:

  1. Close your eye and visualize your desire clearly in your mind.

  2. Imagine the moon as a visual representation of your desire.

  3. Open your eyes and gaze intently towards the sky, look directly at the moon if you can see it.

  4. Picture your desire moving into your reality as the moon becomes fuller over the next few nights.

  5. Repeat this each night to deepen your practice.

Decide what you want to create in your life, then take the power of the new moon energy with you into the days ahead.


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