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  • Ay GG

What is Gratitude?

“Be grateful for what you have by learning to separate possessions from identity; what you have is not who you are.”

Gratitude is A TOOL used to cultivate mental clarity and visualize goals; it can help you recognize all you have achieved to date and use that as motivational fuel to keep moving forward.

We all have an innate NEED to DO and BE more. We all set goals and timelines for ourselves and then often beat ourselves up when we are not able to hit those marks. With the prevalence of online personalities and social media influencers, we have more access to comparison now than ever before. We are more cognizant of what others are doing and we constantly try to measure ourselves against their perceived accomplishments. You may find yourself scrolling through a grid and asking “Why can’t I have what they do?”

Countless studies have proven that Gratitude is intrinsically tied to happiness. We know this! We know that a regular gratitude practice can help promote healthy self esteem and cultivate happiness among other “positive emotions”.  Yet we still hold others responsible for how we feel and blame them for our reactions to their behaviours. I believe in personal accountability in all facets of life, but especially with emotions. We are all responsible for our own selves, including how we feel.

It is natural to only want credit for the good stuff and to separate ourselves from things that have gone awry. Regular gratitude practice helps us to see ourselves as part of a greater whole and recognize the value in appreciating the success of others. Instead of comparing your status in life...

can you put resentment aside and share the feeling of success with that person?

When we are able to truly share ourselves with others, it empowers us and supports them; we are working collectively toward a greater good.

Gratitude is a state of being, not a temporary emotion. We have the opportunity each day to consciously choose to be grateful. 


“Learn to give of yourself, not only of material possession. “

What can you share today?


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