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  • Ay GG

What’s the deal with Gratitude?

We all know that thoughts become things; our mental vibrations can influence or change our reality.

Einstein taught us that E=mc²

Which means energy and mass are the same physical entity and can be changed into one another. The increased mass of a body times the speed of light squared is equal to the kinetic energy of that body.

SO what does gratitude have to do with this?

If thoughts become things, then we should strive to keep our thoughts in alignment with our desires and not allow current beliefs to limit us.

It is often spoken of as something we need to recognize in our own lives by comparing all that we have with those less fortunate.

In my experience, Comparative Gratitude can actually make us feel worse about ourselves. If we become judgmental or ashamed of our behaviours, we can actually start to feel guilty for not being grateful enough.


“Be grateful for what you have by learning to separate possessions from identity; what you have is not who you are.”

What are you grateful for today?


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